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Sprinkler systems

A sprinkler system is a fire suppression system that helps to control or extinguish a fire at its early stages. It is designed to protect buildings, belongings, and valuable items from fire damage while minimizing environmental harm. Groep Nairi specializes in the design, installation, and maintenance of water-based sprinkler systems.

A typical sprinkler system comprises of sprinkler pipes fitted with sprinkler heads that are temperature-sensitive. These sprinklers are equipped with a melt fuse or glass bulb that breaks at a certain temperature, causing them to activate and spray water onto the surrounding area. This immediate response helps to extinguish the fire quickly, and the wet surroundings prevent any potential spread of the flames.

The sprinkler system is powered by a network of pipes that carry water, which is supplied by powerful pumps. This allows the system to suppress or control a fire until the arrival of the fire department. In addition, sprinkler systems help to ensure safe evacuation in case of a fire emergency.

To ensure the long-term reliability of a sprinkler system, regular maintenance is necessary. Preventive maintenance is carried out once every 12 months, and a maintenance report is issued after each service. This report provides feedback, recommendations, and any issues that require attention.

Sprinkler systems are a crucial component in ensuring fire safety in buildings. By installing and maintaining these systems, we can protect valuable assets and prevent potential losses.

Our professionals can help you decide what sprinkler system suits you best!